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We decided to try making these cork place card holders using 2 kinds of cork (plastic and regular) and using 2 ways of cutting them (vertical and horizontal).

The first way is the easiest.  Simply stand the cork up vertically and use your handy-dandy craft knife to cut a slit down the middle of the top of the cork.  Make sure that your cut is deep enough to hold the name card in place.  (We had to cut it a few times before we had it deep enough.)

That’s it! Well, sort of. You’ll still need your place card.

The thriftiest place cards can be created by cutting card stock down to size - we think 3.5” x 2” looks nice.  But this is where we cheated! While digging through Danielle’s office for card stock, we found perforated printable business cards. They happen to be the perfect size for place cards, and we love the fact that they are printable. Instead of having to buy a calligraphy pen (and use a calligraphy pen) to hand write each of your guest’s names, you can print them on perforated business card stock.  We didn’t print ours (and we also didn’t have a calligraphy pen) but we did tear them apart on the perforated lines before writing our “guests” names on them.  

Now this is where we decided to go craft-crazy and make a second type of cork place card holder.  This one is a little more time-consuming, but again, it’s super easy  Grab your cork and use your craft knife to slice the cork lengthwise. We sliced off about one  quarter of the cork so that it will lay flat on the table.

While the cork is lying flat, cut a groove lengthwise down the middle of the cork to hold your place card. Ta da! There you have it! Two different place card holders - both easy  (and thrifty) to make for your bridal shower, wedding reception, etc.  

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