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This DIY project was inspired by Autumn & Zach’s reception centerpieces. These burlap wrapped mason jars were just perfect for their outdoor country chic wedding reception. We also love how they painted the lids of the mason jars, flipped them over, and used them as votive candle holders. The mason jars are a bit time consuming to make though, so this would be a great weekend bonding project for you and your bridesmaids!

Step one, grab your mason jar! Quick tip: you don’t necessarily have to run out and buy mason jars. First, check grandma’s basement. Still empty handed? You can save glass jars at home from things like spaghetti sauce, jelly, etc and use them for this project. Okay, first things first. We need to cut our burlap to fit around the jar. You could measure the circumference of your jar with a measuring tape and then cut the burlap to that length or you could be too lazy to look for the measuring tape (guilty!) and do what we did. We wrapped the strip of burlap around the jar and cut it to size, leaving a little excess for overlap. Our burlap strips were also too wide for our mason jars so we cut them thinner as well.

To attach the burlap to the jar, use your hot glue gun  to make a line of hot glue up the height of the jar and press one end of the burlap onto the line of glue.

Now make another line of hot glue on top of the burlap - this line should be in pretty much on the same place on the jar as the first line, just on top of the burlap so that there is some overlap. Wrap the burlap around the jar, press into place, and cut off any excess burlap. Yay! The burlap is on!

Ribbon time! Cut the ribbon to size the same way that you cut the burlap and then hot glue in place. We kept our ribbon seam on top of our burlap seam just to keep things tidy!

Alright, now this is where things get personal. Time to decorate! You can use anything you like, anything that inspires you, anything that makes you smile! We played around with vintage brooches and LOVED the look of that. Then we found a silk flower and decided to attach that. This part was harder than anticipated, only because we had to remove the back of the flower and cut the wire stem (broke out the big boy scissors for that job). Once we figured that part out, it was a cinch! We hot glued the flower to the front of the mason jar and there you have it!