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DIY Project# 3 - “Put a Lid on It”

Mason Jar Lid Candle Holders


Bethany of Bethany Ann Photography


Danielle of Turning Point Productions Videography

There are SO many great DIY Mason jar projects out there, especially projects for weddings! Mason jars make great vases, centerpieces, drinking glasses, etc. But for every jar, there is a lid. And sadly, those lids most likely end up in the trash. Here’s a great way to reuse the lids in your décor.


            Mason Jar Lids

            Spray Paint

Not only is it eco-friendly, but also very useful, as this will keep wax from dripping on to your tables and linens.

You simply flip the lids over and spray paint them in a color that matches your palette. Then you can use them as candle holders. That’s it! Probably our easiest DIY project yet!

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